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Welcome to our campaign against domestic violence page. We produced 5 TV ads, each highlighting the different forms of violence that can occur in relationships. From verbal abuse to physical abuse, coercion and control, these videos show how victims can be trapped in toxic relationships.

We also collected the testimonials from four brave people, Raphaël, Arianna, Apostolos and Rachael, who agreed to share their story with us. We thank them for their courage and determination to break the silence around domestic violence.

In addition to our ads, we produced a photo campaign featuring women and men who have been directly or indirectly affected by domestic violence.

These photos are intended to raise public awareness of this important cause and to show that no one is immune to this type of violence.

We hope this campaign can help break the silence and encourage victims to seek help. Please share these videos and photos with your friends and family so we can all help end domestic violence.

SPOT 1 - L'amour ne doit jamais faire mal - Liefde mag nooit pijn doen
SPOT 2 - L'amour ne doit jamais faire mal  - Liefde mag nooit pijn doen

Campaign initiated by Federico Ariu and Raphaël Kalengayi.

Directed by Federico Ariu

Funded by Equal Brussel en partnership avec Telsquels And Rainbowhouse.
Produced by Artfusion asbl (Samira Messaoud and Emmanuel Cane).
Creative Direction, photography: Drak Design

Technical team: Armand Bayala, Apostolos Christodoulou, Nicolas Tessé, with Chouckry, Marie Claire, Kateryna, Audrey, Arianna, Apostolos, Rachael, Daniel, Syed, Bertrand, Nick, Martin

Sound mixing: The sound magician 

Voice off: Emilienne Tempels

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